Monday, December 1, 2014

Old Scrapbook Page - 1990 Oldest Grandchild's First Birthday

These Scrapbook pages were one of my favorite, most fun and I thought very creative.  It was my Oldest Grandchild's 1st Birthday Party Pictures.  New camera and I took so many pictures and I wanted to display them all; but only got in about half of them...each gift opening was a little too much.  The Toy Box was full of gifts and even though he was a year old he understood the difference between the fun things and clothes.  In the Toy Box we, Grandma and Grandpa, bought a lot of clothing, and each was tossed aside very readily to hopefully open another package with a toy.  The theme for the party was one year old he was already very interested in dinosaurs and could rattle off a few of their names. 

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