Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1999 July Scrapbooking Night

July 1999 Scrapping Get Together - My Daughter
My Employer at the time let us use their basement aides training room and we would have Scrapping Get Togethers weekly after work (now known as gatherings).  We had a nice spacious area and large 6' tables to put some of our treasures on, along with our travel cases with more needed supplies.  We never learned to just bring what we planned on working with, had to bring all our  scrapbook materials.  In particular, my daughter, we would have to make two trips to bring in her supplies.  It was a fun group because we shared ideas with each other and almost always one or the other scrappers would have just what was needed to complete the other's page. 
Note the Stencils in the NoteBook on the upper right-hand corner in picture below...Cuttlebug was not around at the time.  So we outlined from a stencil and used scissors for our embellishments.  So much easier with Cricut today. 
Today (Jan 2015) it would be impossible to do this; but we still cram in much more than is needed at a Gathering.  My daughter (in picture above) would need a truckload to bring in all her supplies because now scrappers have a whole room for their crafting...including me, now that I have re-visited scrapping after 15 years (other than occasional cards and yearly Christmas cards).  Other Cards I have made and not included in my blog are on my Pinterest site click on My Other Cards to take a look. 


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