Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Crafting History - My Dad

Papercrafting of course has been going on forever.  In fact, my dad use to do scrapbook pages on vacations that he and my mom took.  We are searching for the one book that we still have and will post it at a later time to show the advancements made in papercrafting. 

My dad's occupation was creating and designing wax candles and items for Glen Manufacturing Candle Company, which was located in Buffalo, NY, but no longer exists.  Some of the older scrappers, like myself, may remember the wax red lips, white teeth and black mustaches that you could wear and then chew on while the flavor lasted.  Or you may remember the little wax soda/pop bottles filled with a very sugary syrup in a small cardboard 6-Pack container like regular sized bottled soda/pop came in.  Or the wax harmonicas that actually worked, and again a flavorable chewing wax.  Neighbors from all over use to Trick or Treat at our home knowing that they would get one of these items...sometimes they never even got put in their bags. 

Before his retirement he was responsible for designing some of the early Avon candles.  I only have a couple items from the past, but my memories of his adventures are plentiful.  You may remember a wax bunny that contained chocolate on the inside, and you would peel off the wax and have some pretty good chocolate inside...those were in our Easter basket every year and never lasted long, nor did it look like a bunny any longer.  The picture below is only the plaster model for that particular chocolate wax bunny. 

Another item however not manufactured for other consumers, but designed by my dad, was an Easter Bunny Egg Holder and this was on the breakfast table every Easter morning until we left home and it was given to each of his children.  I still bring it out each year and put it on display. 

My Dad channeled some of his creativity to me and then I to my daughter.  (See Next Post) 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Creative Memories - Journey in Scrapbooking

Creative Memories Photo Album:  The start of Mother/Daughter journey in creating photo album pages, unlike the plastic sheets you stored photos in, was first experienced in attending a Creative Memories Party somewhere around 1998.  So we started taking apart the Photo Books and creating 12"x12" scrapbook pages from some of the more current photos.  In fact in a garage sale last year I gave away some Creative Memories Scrapbook Refill Pages, (almost vintage) that didn't show any aging, which says a lot for the quality of Creative Memories products.

Book Binders:  Then we changed from Creative Memories Photo Albums to 8 1/2"x11" Albums and went to regular Book Binders.  It was less expensive and my daughter had hundreds and hundreds of pictures of her family that she wanted to scrapbook.  We were very careful in selecting acid free papers, cardstock, stickers and embellishments so the photos did not break down and cause yellowing and deterioration on photos and pages over time.  As you will see later all my scrapbook pages were done approximately 15 years ago and there was no deterioriation or yellowing.  Just last year, I packed up most all of my scrapbooking materials and gave to a friend for one of her nieces.  I only kept behind CTMH products, our new venture. 

Close to My Heart:  In 2006 my daughter attended a CTMH gathering and after she worked with their products she decided that she wanted to become a Consultant.  Back to 12"x12" scrapbook pages and she moved a lot of her 8 1/2"x11" album pages into a 12"x12" page.  At that time, I went a different direction...moved to Arizona, and continued my full time employment from home.  Since then she has moved out to Arizona and I have again picked up on papercrafting, more in cards than scrapbook pages.  And now just recently getting into sketch challenges.  Haven't won any recognition yet, but with each one I gain more experience in my interpretations and I will some day have a sticker on my blog for one of these challenges.  I even took one of my Old Scrapbook pages and made it into a 12"x12" which you will see later in My History tab. 

I have my daughter (now my mentor) critique some of my work and ask her suggestions on whether it needs anything more...and she's very gracious and kind and often says "you don't need anything, it's beautiful".  Click on bzscrapper66 and see some of the very creative and beautiful papercrafting she has done with CTMH products.  Now, my daughter is sharing her creativity with me.   

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cricut / Cuttlebug - What's that?

1999 :  There was no such thing known as Cuttlebug or Cricut at this time.  Our Die-cuts were made from tracing a stencil, and then cutting the design with a scissors.  How much

Thursday, December 25, 2014

WOW - Big Bean Bag Without the Beans


WOW...Big Bean Bag.  This was a 2'x2' Square Bean Bag Seating that my favorite oldest son wanted me to make for him.  He didn't want it filled with regular beans; but something that would be more solid and bounce back.  I got the Bean Bag cover and lining made and wrapped it up for Christmas.  After deciding what he wanted it stuffed with, I ordered shredded polyurethane stuffing which came in a package that I wasn't sure if it would fill the whole square.  It was about 12" diameter (14#) which would have meant I needed four to fill.  However, it was compacted so solidly that when the wrapping was taken off it amazingly filled the square.  My son is very pleased with the size and match to his furniture. 

 And who knows maybe it will be a bed for his pal Thurman. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas - Bean Bags for Daughter

(3) Bean Bags (large, medium and small) I made for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas 2014. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1999 July Scrapbooking Night

July 1999 Scrapping Get Together - My Daughter
My Employer at the time let us use their basement aides training room and we would have Scrapping Get Togethers weekly after work (now known as gatherings).  We had a nice spacious area and large 6' tables to put some of our treasures on, along with our travel cases with more needed supplies.  We never learned to just bring what we planned on working with, had to bring all our  scrapbook materials.  In particular, my daughter, we would have to make two trips to bring in her supplies.  It was a fun group because we shared ideas with each other and almost always one or the other scrappers would have just what was needed to complete the other's page. 
Note the Stencils in the NoteBook on the upper right-hand corner in picture below...Cuttlebug was not around at the time.  So we outlined from a stencil and used scissors for our embellishments.  So much easier with Cricut today. 

1999 April Scrapbooking Night

Monday, December 1, 2014

Old Scrapbook Pages - 2000 Grand Canyon

Our oldest Grandson came out to Arizona with us and we made a trip to the Grand Canyon.  It was very windy that day and they were continually holding their hats so they didn't lose it to the Grand Canyon.  They were going down one of the paths down to the Canyon and feared my Grandson would be blown away.  I was quite relieved when they fear in him or his uncle. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1994 I Love My Brother

These pictures are the birth of my second grandchild to my daughter and her husband and his relationship with his brother for the first year. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1991 Thanksgiving Day

This was a yearly ritual after each Thanksgiving dinner...strange my daughter and I were never in these pictures.  I think we were in the kitchen cleaning up until they woke for dessert.   


Old Scrapbook Page - 2000 Legoland California

On one of our visits out to Phoenix we brought our oldest grandson and took him to LEGOLAND in San Diego, California.  This was a fairly new park at the time, and he enjoyed all the activities and entertainment.  However, his favorite of all the attractions in this park was the Lego Craft Room...he spent a lot of time putting together different lego structures, and he was quite proud of his alligator he assembled by himself (2nd Page above).  Of course, we welcomed this craft room visit because we had already toured most of the park before we hit upon this craft room...our feet were killing us and the seating was a good rest stop for us.   My background was cardstock using the bright lego colors and cut into lego blocks on a couple of the pages, along with placement of die cuts and stickers.   

Grandma's favorite was was a good thing we saw this before we went into the Lego Craft Room or we wouldn't have had time to see this.   It was fantastic and I again showed some of my creativity in scrapbooking with my pictures.  Scrapbooking at this time was all in the cutting of the pictures you wanted to display in different shapes and forms...example of White House cut into three pieces to form George Washington's profile.

Old Scrapbook Page - 1999 1st SnowFall of the New Year

Our youngest and oldest grandsons bundled up and enjoying the 1st snow of the season in our backyard.  I wasn't the best in

More snow the next couple of days and Grandpa looking for the Gas Grill to barbeque outside...he had some work ahead of him before he uncovered the grill. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1998 Christmas


At Grandma and Grandpa's Home for 1998 Christmas with my daughter and her family.  My boys were both in other states and didn't make it home for Christmas this year.  Liked scrapping Christmas because there are so many shapes or themes you can use for a scrapbook page. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1991 2nd Birthday of Oldest Grandchild

Oldest Grandson's Birthday had a Sesame Street theme, a program he loved to watch.  Not a lot of pictures taken for the 2nd Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa's.  My daughter had taken over photography so a lot of the future scrap pages were made by her with many other photographs. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1990 Oldest Grandchild's First Birthday

These Scrapbook pages were one of my favorite, most fun and I thought very creative.  It was my Oldest Grandchild's 1st Birthday Party Pictures.  New camera and I took so many pictures and I wanted to display them all; but only got in about half of them...each gift opening was a little too much.  The Toy Box was full of gifts and even though he was a year old he understood the difference between the fun things and clothes.  In the Toy Box we, Grandma and Grandpa, bought a lot of clothing, and each was tossed aside very readily to hopefully open another package with a toy.  The theme for the party was one year old he was already very interested in dinosaurs and could rattle off a few of their names. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1991 Summer Fun

Our oldest grandson's 1st Pool Party in our Back Yard

Old Scrapbook Page - 1990 Harley Hardly

Oldest Grandchild at an early age experienced the luxury of a Harley, and he loved riding bikes at an early age.  Is he a Harley person interest. 

Old Scrapbook Page - 1996 Hats Fun 1st Prize

When my youngest grandchild was a toddler he loved to put on hats...even a kettle was a hat to him. These are only a few of his hat daughter has scrapbook pages of him in hats. 

2008 Christmas - Matching Clothes for Izzy and American Dolls

In 2008 I ordered an Twin Doll for Christmas for our youngest grand-daughter, and I made several jumpers for her and a matching outfit for her Twin Doll.