Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Crafting History - My Dad

Papercrafting of course has been going on forever.  In fact, my dad use to do scrapbook pages on vacations that he and my mom took.  We are searching for the one book that we still have and will post it at a later time to show the advancements made in papercrafting. 

My dad's occupation was creating and designing wax candles and items for Glen Manufacturing Candle Company, which was located in Buffalo, NY, but no longer exists.  Some of the older scrappers, like myself, may remember the wax red lips, white teeth and black mustaches that you could wear and then chew on while the flavor lasted.  Or you may remember the little wax soda/pop bottles filled with a very sugary syrup in a small cardboard 6-Pack container like regular sized bottled soda/pop came in.  Or the wax harmonicas that actually worked, and again a flavorable chewing wax.  Neighbors from all over use to Trick or Treat at our home knowing that they would get one of these items...sometimes they never even got put in their bags. 

Before his retirement he was responsible for designing some of the early Avon candles.  I only have a couple items from the past, but my memories of his adventures are plentiful.  You may remember a wax bunny that contained chocolate on the inside, and you would peel off the wax and have some pretty good chocolate inside...those were in our Easter basket every year and never lasted long, nor did it look like a bunny any longer.  The picture below is only the plaster model for that particular chocolate wax bunny. 

Another item however not manufactured for other consumers, but designed by my dad, was an Easter Bunny Egg Holder and this was on the breakfast table every Easter morning until we left home and it was given to each of his children.  I still bring it out each year and put it on display. 

My Dad channeled some of his creativity to me and then I to my daughter.  (See Next Post) 


comopark1886 said...

I remember buying the wax lips, soda bottles and the harmonica when I was a kid! Thanks for the memory :-)

Darnell said...

How cool!!! I'm with Donna and TOTALLY remember all those items! What a fabulous artistic father!! Hugs, Darnell