Monday, December 1, 2014

Old Scrapbook Page - 2000 Legoland California

On one of our visits out to Phoenix we brought our oldest grandson and took him to LEGOLAND in San Diego, California.  This was a fairly new park at the time, and he enjoyed all the activities and entertainment.  However, his favorite of all the attractions in this park was the Lego Craft Room...he spent a lot of time putting together different lego structures, and he was quite proud of his alligator he assembled by himself (2nd Page above).  Of course, we welcomed this craft room visit because we had already toured most of the park before we hit upon this craft room...our feet were killing us and the seating was a good rest stop for us.   My background was cardstock using the bright lego colors and cut into lego blocks on a couple of the pages, along with placement of die cuts and stickers.   

Grandma's favorite was was a good thing we saw this before we went into the Lego Craft Room or we wouldn't have had time to see this.   It was fantastic and I again showed some of my creativity in scrapbooking with my pictures.  Scrapbooking at this time was all in the cutting of the pictures you wanted to display in different shapes and forms...example of White House cut into three pieces to form George Washington's profile.

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