Thursday, June 5, 2014

Barbie's Living Room

Barbie's Living Room:  TV Entertainment Center made from scraps of wood and painted.  Small crates were made from popsicle sticks painted different colors on front and back panels so interchangeable for color scheme used in living room. TV made from wood painted black and printed TV screen glued to surface. Coffee Table was a craft from Hobby Lobby and painted. End Tables made from wood and decorative dowels for legs. Additional cushions and pillows were made so that they were interchangeable for different color schemes in all rooms.  The lamp was made from a room deodorizer bought at the Dollar Store, emptied the liquid and added small shells in the base. 

2014 Barbie Doll Furniture

My youngest grandchild has many Barbie Dolls, and she had asked if I would help her make a couple of beds for her Barbie.  This started my adventure in making Barbie Doll furniture again...but way beyond what I had made for my daughter many years ago when she played with Barbie. 

Not only was my sewing machine kept busy with bedding and furniture, then it went into woodworking using scraps of wood that were left over from my new office.  I am posting several pictures of the furniture that I made for Barbie, but this is the picture of the storage unit for housing the furniture in rooms on the right-hand side, with storage boxes on the left-hand side for changes to the bedding, cushions and pillows in all the rooms.  Other boxes were to serve for Barbie's clothing and accessories.  The drawer was for storing all the Barbie's. 

Well, my woodworking skills were not going to be tested with building a storage unit for the doll furniture...that where's Wayfair Internet Shopping came in. Barbie's house was made out of cubby and storage modules purchased at Cubbies used for rooms. Storage and drawer unit used for storage of Barbie Dolls and accessories in baskets. Floors were made with 14" tiles that were cut to fit cubbies. Did not glue to cabinet...with the intent to add carpet samples to the back side of tiles. Left for future project.

3rd Floor - Bedroom 1 

Barbie's Bedroom #1:  Beds were made with foam and covered with material.  The bed covers were made reversible and skirts were made for each pattern...all interchangeable.  Closer picture of the lamp made from Dollar Store room deodorizer and filled with shells. Bed Pillows made with pillow cover and then assortment of throw pillows.  More wooden furniture with drawers made from scrap wood.

3rd Floor - 2nd Bedroom 

2nd Floor - Office/Scrapbook Room

2nd Floor - Bathroom 
Barbie's Shower. 

but changed some of the material. Instead of cardboard I used Styrofoam for the body of the shower and covered with contact paper. The inside walls were embossed paper tile. Shower door was cardboard wrapped with contact paper and contact paper used as attachment to the shower wall.

1st Floor - Living/Entertainment Room
Cushions made so that they could all be interchangeable

Barbie's Living Room, Picture 1. TV Entertainment Center made from wood, and several crates made from popsicle sticks, and colored different on both sides so interchangeable for color scheme used in living room. TV made from wood painted black and printed TV screen glued to surface. Coffee Table was a craft from Hobby Lobby. End Tables made from wood and decorative dowels for legs.

Barbie's Living Room - Picture 2.  All cushions for chairs and couch were made of foam. Back, arms and bottom of furniture were made from craft wood and glued to bottom cushion.  Wooden legs added to bottom of furniture.  All cushions interchangeable. Assortment of pillows made for all rooms.  Lamp is made for a Dollar Store deordorizer and filled with shells, perfect size for Barbie.  

1st Floor - Kitchen and Dining

Barbie's Kitchen and Dinette.  Used a combination of You Tube source Simple Kids Crafts "Make a Doll Refrigerator" and created my own design for a refrigerator. Used the plastic container with no top and Styrofoam around plastic.  Doors were made from Styrofoam for lower freezer and upper refrigerator and covered all with contact paper.  Used ice cube trays for the vegetable and meat drawers and clear plastic used for shelves.

Or "How to Make a Doll Refrigerator" out of foam Lena Weiss