Thursday, December 25, 2014

WOW - Big Bean Bag Without the Beans


WOW...Big Bean Bag.  This was a 2'x2' Square Bean Bag Seating that my favorite oldest son wanted me to make for him.  He didn't want it filled with regular beans; but something that would be more solid and bounce back.  I got the Bean Bag cover and lining made and wrapped it up for Christmas.  After deciding what he wanted it stuffed with, I ordered shredded polyurethane stuffing which came in a package that I wasn't sure if it would fill the whole square.  It was about 12" diameter (14#) which would have meant I needed four to fill.  However, it was compacted so solidly that when the wrapping was taken off it amazingly filled the square.  My son is very pleased with the size and match to his furniture. 

 And who knows maybe it will be a bed for his pal Thurman. 

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