Saturday, January 16, 2016

Money Christmas Tree

My daughter's boys are here visiting and we celebrate a 2nd Christmas because their jobs do not allow them to take vacation during the holidays.  

The colorful tubes were a part of a Mega Prize at ChouxChoux Paper Art (Lori Hairston) received through random draw from the BlogHop I participated in.  The tubes reminded me of Christmas because of the traditional red and green colors and it had a place I could hide money.  So several bills were rolled and pushed in the tubes.  

I had a supply of red and green curling ribbon that I have probably had for 20 years and made a decoration for the top of each tube, letting the ribbon hang and curl naturally.  Tags were made from Cricut Design Space, used another piece of ribbon to tie the two tubes together and hang the Tag. Found a couple plastic containers I use for my embellishments, cut a hole in the top, placed the tubes into the container, and stuffed tissue wrapping paper around tubes to hold in place.  

In my Christmas supplies there were tiny christmas erasers which I had bought for stocking gifts when the grandchildren were young and never you know those are at least 15, maybe 20, yeas old also.  So, I placed these under the Christmas tree as gifts.      


  1. How adorable, and what a great way to use your Christmas-y stash too!

  2. These are really fun! So creative!

  3. Sue, These are wonderful. After we spoke last evening I pondered over ideas but never came up with anything this clever. Great job! I am sure Ryan and Cory enjoyed their Christmas-in-January with family

  4. This is such a fun and creative project to do with the family Sue! Can be a year round craft project and not just for Christmas. In fact, I think I'll do that with my kids for Chinese New Year. We'll tie the Hong Bao (red envelopes with money inside) to the tree to bring in the good luck! Thanks for the awesome inspiration Sue! And so glad you get to spend time with the boys. Hugs - Christina

    1. This would be perfect for Chinese New Year. I'm going to send your blog info to my sister in Taipei!

  5. No problem. Christina above thought the same. Hope they have fun with it.

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