Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fooling Around - 4th of July Dress-Up

 Page 2

These pages were made for Heart2Heart Challenge - April 1st - No Fooling Scrapbook Challenge. Since this was a scrapbook challenge, I was looking at my Snapfish Albums and decided to do one of our favorite vacations.  My son and I planned a surprise Survivor Game with challenges and prizes daily at a home that we rented in the Adirondacks called "Crowberry Camp".  These two pages are Day 4 of our Survivor experience, a competition for "Best 4th of July dress-Up" for food award...we were all winners.    

Page 1 

All die-cuts were from Cricut Design Space, except for the flourish on Page 1, which was a die I borrowed from my neighbor.  

A lot of our Family Vacations were done with Snapfish because it's so much easier to order extra books then to make a ScrapBook for each family.  One year, our Alaskan trip, my daughter made small albums for each family for Christmas, but never took on that task was a lot of work and she personalized each one...and we all enjoyed receiving them in hopes we would get them yearly.  However, the next year she did the Adirondack vacation on Snapfish, and I have continued with the next few vacations on Snapfish.  These two pages are a gift to her and maybe she'll pick up those 2008 pictures and do some ScrapBook pages for album collection...if not maybe I'll do them when I get the inspiration for another challenge.  This was a fun challenge.  

Please stop by to view the many Design Team's Heart2Heart scrapbook pages and other entries submitted for this challenge...enjoy your visit and there is still time to enter into these challenges for April.  


Nikka Geers said...

Great layout. Just wanted to let you know you referenced the wrong challenge. You talked about the sketch challenge, not the no fooling scrapbook challenge. But the layout is so fun. Thanks for sharing with us at Heart 2 Heart.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Thanks for letting me know. I went back to the challenge for April 1st because I thought I may have submitted it under the wrong link, but assuming it was just my blog that was misleading...and I have fixed it. Thanks again.

Melanie R said...

Your scrapbook pages are delightful... especially since I am acquainted with the individuals on these pages. Such fun to see them "Fooling Around" at your family vacation!