Friday, May 13, 2016

Sunland Happy Stampers

Mare, from Sunland Happy Stampers in Mesa invited Mel (my neighbor) and myself to a day at the Community Clubhouse to join in for a friend's (Marge) Birthday Celebration.  Mare and I met at Denise's Artistic Adventure Crop over a year ago and have shared scrapping time together several times since then.  Since I was already on a roll making another gift Pocket Letter I asked Mel if she wanted to make some also and we would give this to Marge for a birthday gift. Each member of Sunland Happy Stampers celebrate members' birthdays with a cake and each member makes a card using a sticky for their best wishes so that card can be used for another recipient if so wished...didn't know this until before the celebration at the Club House...Soooo, our gift fit right in, just not a finished card.  

Comedy of events getting final photos.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped the gift.  Gift was unwrapped but Marge was already making one of the cards so it wouldn't fit back in the pocket.  Took several pictures but when I got them home to crop them the photos were not good because there was a lot of reflection on the plastic. Plus, I thought I had taken pictures of both sides, only to find I had only taken the back of the pocket letter with the embellishments. Marge came to the rescue, even though she was already packed for her ride home...she took the pictures and had Mare email them to me.  

MISSING in Action Empty Pocket:  After a little bit of pondering and deciding the layout and what embellishment(s) Marge was going to use, this was her happy face with the finished card.  Marge has promised when she completes each card she will send a photo of her design, and I will be posting each of them in this check on back periodically and see Marge's completed cards.  


PHOTOS:  Day was full of fun, food, friendship and scrapping...enjoying our day with new friendships.  

Marge and Mare

Marge and Me  


Melanie said...

Thank you for posting, Sue. Marge did a fabulous job on the first card - I knew she'd pick the shaker because that was my favorite, too! And the photos of new friends are wonderful as well.

Mare said...

Beautiful write up and I love everything about it including you and Mel coming and visiting. You are welcome to come back any time. It was so fun looking at all your samples up close and "touching" everything. A Very enjoyable day. Thank you for coming to us and everything you did to make our day so special.