Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Barbie Doll Furniture

My youngest grandchild has many Barbie Dolls, and she had asked if I would help her make a couple of beds for her Barbie.  This started my adventure in making Barbie Doll furniture again...but way beyond what I had made for my daughter many years ago when she played with Barbie. 

Not only was my sewing machine kept busy with bedding and furniture, then it went into woodworking using scraps of wood that were left over from my new office.  I am posting several pictures of the furniture that I made for Barbie, but this is the picture of the storage unit for housing the furniture in rooms on the right-hand side, with storage boxes on the left-hand side for changes to the bedding, cushions and pillows in all the rooms.  Other boxes were to serve for Barbie's clothing and accessories.  The drawer was for storing all the Barbie's. 

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